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Paper products

Cash register equipment

Cash register equipment






Electronic scales

Cash and bank equipment

Cash and bank eguipment

LLP "Firm INKAS" makes wholesale and retail sales of cash and bank equipment. Here you can purchase products of advanced world-class brands. The availability and for order a large selection of cash registers, currency detectors, counters, banknote counters, coin, cash drawers and other equipment necessary for your company. All sold models easily serviced by our experts.

Paper products

Paper products

LLP "Firm INKAS" is engaged in production and sale of receipt paper for all types of cash registers (where also can be a print advertisement on the reverse side), paper rolls for fax machines, printers, teletype and automated teller machines, thermal labels for retail scales and barcode printers .
High quality raw materials and modern, meets all the standards of equipment is used in manufacturing.


Flexographic printing

Flexographic printing

Typography of LLP "Firm INKAS" is equipped with modern flexographic printing equipment manufactured in the USA, which together with high-quality full-color printed labels can individualize the label, using foil stamping, embossing, laminating, scratch layer, print layer of glue, numbering, printing the variable data (personalization .) easily label pasted on products and securely held her.

About the company


LLP "Firm INKAS"- is one of the leading companies in Kazakhstan. Our firm was founded in July 9, 2004 and during his tenure proved itself as a successful company cooperates with the best companies in Kazakhstan and abroad.

We produce a receipt tape for all types of cash registers, release paper rolls for fax machines, printers, teletype and automated teller machines and thermal labels for retail scales and printers with a bar code. Also here you can order a flexographic printing - print all kinds of labels.

All production is performed by experienced specialists in modern, Western-rate equipment manufacturers.

The basis for the success of "Firm INKAS" is:

  • High quality products.
  • Using the latest most advanced and modern technology.
  • Work on the production of individual orders.
  • Flexible pricing policy.
  • Individual approach to each client.
  • We provide shipping to the regions in the short term.

We want to draw your attention that on the balance of the company has a warehouse of finished products in Almaty.
Most convenient for the customer has developed a system of ordering any size (from the box to the car), you can do:

- By telephone:

+7 (7252) 48-37-07
+7 (7252) 48-32-78
+7 (7252) 48-32-65
+7 (7252) 23-10-48
+7 (7252) 33-87-79

- Mobile:

+7 777 769 96 32 +7 701 567 91 18

- Fax:

+7 (7252) 48-37-07

- our warehouse in Almaty:

+7 (727) 238-12-57
+7 (727) 238-12-97

+7 (727)328-53-36

+7 705 373 86 43

- E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
- web-site:
- by personal visit to the office of the company at the following addresses:

1) Almaty, Tole Bi 304, 309 kb
2) SKR, Sairam district, Sairam, ul.Ibragim ata, w/n
3) SKO, Shymkent Ave B.Momysh-uly, 13-3, shop "SYSTEM"

Cooperation with leading Russian and foreign manufacturers allows us to engage in the supply and sale of wholesale and retail cash registers, scales, banking equipment, air conditioners.

The main mission of "Firm INKAS" - to help our partners in building their business and grow with them. In the competitive market we have achieved the most important, the reputation of a reliable business partner, and partnership in the first place implies trust.

We will be glad to become your reliable partner and contribute to the development of your business!

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